Tuesday 2 August 2011

Second Hand, an entertaining cartoon animation

Contrasting two extreme obsessive types of human behaviors. There are the strident movers and shakers that plan their lives with almost military precision while others move and do with a cautiously discerning almost negligible pace, whereas most of us behave somewhere between both.

Isaac King in his 7 minute cartoon animated film Second Hand examines both of these extremes,  juxtaposing fast paced minimalist efficiency with peaceful curiosity in the mundane and an eye for the use value of the discarded.

The film is a beautifully innovative comedic cartoon animation, entertainingly thought provoking with excellent rhythm and pacing made real by the constant clicking of the second hand of the clock.

Issac King accomplished his innovative work by using a mix of stop motion and 2D drawing in Flash, combined in After affects. The delightful music track is by Jeremy Singer with sound design by Greg Sextro.
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