Tuesday 12 July 2011

Car robot Singularity Drive System

is a new take on an old idea, featured in a 1938 edition of Mechanics And Handicraft, which   never caught on, but recently reworked by Curtis Boirum, a grad student at Bradley University.

Curtis engineered a mobile robot that uses a hemispherical omnidirectional gimbaled, or HOG, drive wheel, that is both a steering and a driving mechanism based on a spinning sphere.

This unique system consists of a black rubber hemisphere that rotates like a spinning top, with servos that can tilt it left and right and forwards and backwards.

In the video below watch Curtis's remotely controlled robot car delivered by his simple drive system, exhibiting an unbelievable amount of speed and agility.

Curtis is working at scaling up his reinvention to create a cheap, powerful, and agile singularity drive system that can be adapted for use by researchers and hobbyists. Perhaps he may get around to building a conventional car-sized version too !
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