Friday 17 June 2011

Manhattan in Motion, a cool cityscape time lapse video

is a rivetingly entertaining cityscape time lapse of cinematic proportions and quality by Mindrelic. With breathtaking precision the camera glides the perspectives and deep cavernous gorges of Manhattan's architectural sky scrapers. The smooth camera action and speedy flashing traffic flows generate a profoundly free flying like transversal swim around and among the towers of New York City.

Mindrelic  (aka Josh Owens) created this delightful short video from over an hours worth of sequences he captured whilst spending a month of sponsored hotel hopping in Manhattan.

The aptly entitled music track he chose to accompany his video, Lights Dim from New York city based group The American Dollar sublimates a reflective appreciative mood of Mindrelic's illustrious time lapse.

If you were surprised by an occasional, as some might think, seemingly impossibly long camera glides out over balconies then check out the 6 foot Dynamic Perception dolly rig he used. Albeit, not the only piece of sophisticated technology, together with his Canon 5D & 7D cameras he also used a Little Bramper.

"Little Bramper is an intervalometer with some unusual and advanced capabilities.  Most significantly, by using the camera’s Bulb mode it allows you to vary the exposure smoothly during a time-lapse session."
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