Monday 7 February 2011

Australia 2011: Too Many Environmentally Devastating Firsts, already

The flooding never stops as Australia's Victoria (see video, below), gets a creeping massive inland sea that obliterates townships, villages, lively-hoods and municipal infrastructure throughout its north west.

Sydneysiders have just this afternoon received a very welcome cool strong burst of cool air lifting us out of the worst full 7 days on record of a 'round the clock' severe heatwave. Albeit north east Queensland has progressed to the mopping up phase, of tropical cyclone Yasi; hopefully giving rise to some worthwhile form of social and infrastructural remediation from the worst tropical cyclone in recorded history.

Simultaneously at present the remnant cyclonic stream from Yasi is rummaging across inner west Queensland towards the center of Australia, as the worst flood in recorded history is swamping multitudinous hectares of north western Victoria. Into this mix Australians struggle, perspire, sweat, or boat across wide open expanses of temporary flooded plains, hopefully to nearby evacuation centers.

Go here for current live weather map feeds of Victoria, and or go read of the super-cell thunderstorms presently pounding Victoria.

Hey, but if things couldn't get any worse, with news just in; South Australia has just now been impacted by the petering out tropical cyclone Yasi.

"The landscape is sodden across a wide area of South Australia. Yongala received 128 millimeters of rain in 24 hours, beating a record set 121 years ago. Hallett in the mid-north also had a record fall of 98 millimeters, beating a mark set in 1890".

Go read the full story and view the video, from ABC News.
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