Monday 1 November 2010

Bad Things That Could Happen by This Is It

is an entertaining little video with amazing set design using giant props made out of cardboard about bad things that could happen.

"The film is self explanatory made up of seven short scenes. Playing with scale and bringing objects to life, the film creates a subverted world where the mundane becomes absurd."

This Is It, is a collective of illustrators, animators, artists and designers, who are: Andy Baker, Laura Bird, Rose Blake, Daniel Britt, Chan An Gee, Michael Knight, Nicos Livesey, Tom McCaughan, Azusa Nakagawa, Joseph Pelling and Becky Sloan

Credits of the work
Cinematography - Hugo Donkin
Photography - Thomas Bolwell
Sound Design - Andrew Kinnear
Music - Andrew Kinnear & Joseph Pelling
Make Up - Elizabeth Barlow

Apart from the cool constructive effort of this sweet little film, I'm intrigued as to know when a film is not a video ? Nevertheless, I for one have a propensity here in this blog to view this kind of work as nothing short of a mighty fine piece of Media Art !
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