Friday 8 October 2010

Underwater whale watchers encounter Humpback pod off Lahaina, Maui

The video abruptly begins from inside an Atlantis Submarine where passengers are experiencing with gasps of glee and excitement a school of humpback whales rollicking around the bough and port of the ship.

According to the notes accompanying the video:
The submarine tour guests witnessed a competitive group behavior by the humpbacks in which the males were vying for the attention of a female that swam around the submarine for 45 minutes. In 20-plus years of dives, Atlantis Submarines guests have seen a lot of Hawaii's marine life, but this undersea show by the humpbacks was a first!

"Humpback Whales have sleek (smooth and shiny) gray bodies that point down towards their snout (nose). They have a tail fin, a very small dorsal (back) fin, and 2 small flippers (fins). Whales can weigh up to 50-60 tons (1ton equals 2,000 pounds) and its size can be 50-55 feet. Humpback Whales got their names from hunters for moving the way it does when it dives or rolls over. Before it dives it inhales air and water. When it goes under water it exhales the air and water." via

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