Thursday 21 October 2010

Mesmerizing Entrancing Tuvan Throat Singing

is rooted within their interaction with their environment. The sounds and soundings within it have inspired them to create a style of singing in which two or more pitches sound simultaneously over a fundamental pitch.

Tuva a tiny republic of southern Siberia, reverberates in long eerie wind swept cadences, together with whistling birds, bubbling streams, howling wolves and brutishly cold wide open country of icy lakes, fields and the occasional mountain range.

Truly interactive with nature geographically situates Tuvan's oral tradition within what we understand as onomatopoeia or the word that describes words which "sound like they are".

The actual lyrics that the ethnic Tuvan lads, are singing in this first video, are

"Channna ham nah channa channa

So in case your wondering how it maybe possible to sing like the Tuvan's, Vocatrix, demonstrates, in this next video his interpretive assessment of low throat oscillation singing, where he likens it to the sound of the Didgeridoo. Nevertheless I'm really taken aback by Vocatrix's ability to create on the fly beatbox rhythm with low throat singing, towards the end of his tutorial.

Read and listen to  the many variants and styles of Tuvan throat singing,  here or equally fascinating are their guitar like instruments.
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