Thursday 2 September 2010

"Sweet Dream" on the iPad Orchestra

People often say "Music makes the world go round" but it looks as though Music will go round the world a whole quicker now with a wifi enabled iPad. This is exemplified by Alex Shpil's video here of the iPad Orchestra playing a piece entitled "Sweet Dream" composed by Ilya Plavunov.

The quartet are using an application called Seline HD available from the iTunes store, and for your convenience here also is the introductory tutorial video for Seline HD.

The iPad may be come the tool of choice for composers and musicians who collaborate either within a studio environ or more significantly from within almost anywhere in the world to anywhere else. Nevertheless you may not be all that familiar with the iPad so here is the link to Apple's youtube channel where you can view introductory video's of the iPad as well as video's of the latest iPod products that Apple released today.
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