Friday 20 August 2010

HumanCar: A Zero emission, human powered Electric Hybrid

This remarkably simple, carbon free car, the Imagine PS is in part powered with an electric motor, capable of 100 kph (60 mph) on the flat and 50 kph uphil.

"The hand-cranked low mass vehicle (LMV) was developed by engineer Professor Charles Samuel Greenwood, who has been working on human-powered vehicles for over four decades, and has now developed a street legal sedan version carrying four people. If the four people are all cranking, the vehicle can run solely on human power, but it is also an electric plug-in. The chassis can be adapted to different styles and different types of batteries and future technologies without needing to replace the car." read more

This electric hybrid  car has a kind of Flintstones aura about it, and will be available next year for a base price of $15,500, go to their website to place your order.
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