Friday 9 July 2010

Ripping apart and reassembling an iPhone 4 in techie ambience

Do you remember how long ago that it was only repair people who were privy to see what was inside  gadgets and home tech boxes ?

Now its more and more commonplace to be given the opportunity to be shown how the elements in a device are built or fitted into a case or box. And this is cool since we are now no longer kept mystified about what comprises the innards of our gadgets.

Thus we are entertained by a catchy stop motion video, comprised of 1784 hi-res photographs, from a repair shop that has found a creative way to advertise itself. This is, however, no ordinary unboxing and take-apart video, since its set to a custom electronic/glitch soundtrack

Aside from this clever video, some iPhone whinges, including myself, have wondered on seeing the space for the battery and its location, as to why Apple has refrained from having a replacement battery: You to ?

Nevertheless, since your here, you may as well go see how you may be able to pick up a free ipad, from TechRestore.
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