Friday 16 July 2010

Entertaining iPad game, Spider: Bryce Mansion HD

Originally released for the iPhone in 2007, Spider: Bryce Mansion HD  is an interactive puzzle game where you explore an abandoned mansion as a tiny arachnid, building webs to trap insects, has just been updated to an iPad version.

As the player clinches the insect prey, I became subtly seduced by the overall cuteness of the interface and simple yet site specific sound-designs on each level.

The person playing the game in the video doesn't appear to be the most fastidious or co-ordinated of players yet the game would likely frustrate the best of players at higher levels. Nevertheless, Spider, appears to offer appreciably clever graphics and good entertainment if only harmless timeless value !

Spider: Bryce Manor HD, iPad version ($4.99 @ iTunes store), has an exclusive single device multiplayer game mode called Sidekicks, and whatever that means, is likely to heighten your enthusiasm for it.
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