Tuesday 27 July 2010

BARTHOC: The Curious Robot

A large proportion of robots that have so far been developed, function either from a preprogramed, programed sets of instructions or sets of continuing commands. This means that only a relatively small number of robots in the world at large, are in the process of being engineered to actually learn the ability to communicate with humans.

The Curious Robot, (named BARTHOC), seen in the video below is one such machine intelligence or anthropomorphic robot currently being developed by scientists from Bielefeld University, Germany. According to the researchers, they are focused on;

"bimanual action, representation and execution, tactile sensors and manipulation based on tactile feedback, online-learning object detection, integration and coordination of perception and action and principles of human-robot dialog, including non-verbal communication, combination of exploratory and guided learning."

What we learn in the video is how the researchers are gifting the robot with  a little spice or trickery of human communication, in the light of the chap lying to the robot in order for it to perhaps realise how it might be fooled into believing an apple is a banana.
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