Tuesday 11 May 2010

Rogue Satellite, Galaxy 15 on a path of havoc

The satellite has not responded to commands since solar flares fried its CPU in April, and it won't shut down.  Thus it is likely to interfere with other satellites as it crosses their orbital slots on its way to an earth-sun Lagrange point, the natural final destination of a geostationary satellite without manoeuvring power.

The satellite looks to becoming Zombiefied, a satellite term for a failed satellite in orbit.

"Galaxy 15 is continuing on an orbital path occupied by C-band satellite AMC-11 operated by SES World Skies. Its still-operational payload could cause interference with the SES satellite for two weeks starting around May 23, according to estimates." via

Satnews, counters this claim; "There has been no immediate service interruption to customers, and based on current technical information, no service interruption is expected for the media customers on this satellite"

However the video here gives us a clearer account of possible interference outcomes of the rogue satellite.

I have, until now expected most satellites would include a backup control system, after all, aren't most of these sophisticated objects that sail out beyond human physical boudaries  multimillion dollar investments ?
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