Wednesday 10 March 2010

The Windowfarms Project

In this video Britta Riley introduces us to her home based vertical hydroponic window farming project. She sources her containers from the recycle bin of her apartment complex and purchases the other materials from the local hardware and planting shops.

If it's really productive, this little project provides maybe 1/20th of the food she consumes, however its more so a matter of taking some control of producing what you consume, no matter how small a quantity, it gifts a feeling your doing something for the environment !

Nevertheless this little project has spawned the ability of giving people a means to collaborate on research and development of these vertical hydroponic food-growing curtains through their community website, which in her words has resulted in R&DIY (Research & Develop It Yourself) culture.

If they really intend on growing anything more than a few salad herbs I would hazard a guess that they are going to have to turn their brick-walled apartments into glass curtains !

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