Wednesday 6 January 2010

Ring° Wall: world biggest multitouch multi-user wall

The slickly engineered Ring Wall was developed by Sensory Minds and was installed recently in Germany's Nürburgring F1 race track circuit, presenting a hibernation of cultural exchange.

The display wall is architecturally composed of two display zones totaling 425 square meters .

The human height zone, consists of 15 touchy screens, measuring 45 meters long and stands two meters tall utilizing 15 high definition projectors to display more than 34 million pixels; while laser light plane illumination tracks users’ touches, and 80 users can, at once, contiguously web interface.

Installed above this is an even larger LED wall which is over 400 square meters in size. That LED display contains just 5.8 million pixels and is for crowd-wide presentation, not interaction.

Perhaps these displays are ideally suited for large international museums, or as a means of sharing information in airports, train stations and metro terminals.  Eventually, technology of this scale, will transform many a public space highlighting interfaces of digital data dissemination and discovery. (ie entertainment gigs, folk festivals, cracker nights ......:)\
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