Sunday 31 January 2010

New Metal Foam Invention To Save Energy & Lives

Mechanical and aerospace engineering professor Afsaneh Rabie, set out to create something that could be used in products that would save lives, save energy and eventually save money. She thus invented a space-age material so light and strong that it could revolutionize everything from vehicle bumpers to armor to biomedical devices.

The new material, is an ultra high strength metal matrix composite foam. This material absorbs seven to eight times the energy absorbed by similar foams. The material is as light as aluminum and stronger than stainless steel.

The test results of a traffic accident show that by inserting two pieces of the composite metal foam behind the bumper of a car traveling 28 mph, equals the impact of traveling at only 5 mph.

"Tests are now underway to use it as both body armor and vehicle armor for the military." Source 
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