Tuesday 29 December 2009

Ortery: World's 1st Automata Photography Vending Machine

Able to leap full bounds into web ready automated 360 spherical object oriented; Ortery has released its Photosimile 5000, a machine that they claim is the “next generation imaging device for the office.”  Although the machine looks like a Microwave oven, it delivers "the most innovative and efficient photography automation and 3D imaging tool available."

One simply places an object you’d like to photograph, inside, adjust a few settings on the parameter, and walk away with a professional looking product photograph. The computer-operated system automatically adjusts lighting to remove shadows, and takes care of handling white balance.

It comes with the custom Photosimile 5000 software that not only allows you to see previews of the item while it’s in the box, but it also allows you to control the angle and position of the camera mount to get exactly the shots you need. It also makes creating website-friendly flash animations as easy as navigating an export options dialogue, where you can resize, mask, correct and even add watermarks to images.

Although the machine will likely be popular in the US, I suspect it may be equally successful in  Japan, since they have an undying love for all things vending. Nevertheless, I suspect it has an exotic price tag, and should you be in the market for one, then.
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