Saturday 12 December 2009

Milan gets slowed by an invasion of fuchsia snails

Anyone walking around an inner plaza of Milan, where the buildings are variously grey and the pavement shades of brown to black may suddenly gasp at the sight of some 2 by 3 meter bright pink fuchsia snails. The sculptures are made of recyclable plastic and, as the creators say "invite the passer-by to slowness and careful listening" and "The snail stands for the reclamation of the slow quality of life, in contrast with the typically frenetic rhythm of the metropolis. The snail is a guide towards quality, it moves consciously towards an ethical and economical recovery”.

According to Y Magazine the sculptures are from REgeneration, a travelling installation by the Cracking Art Group (Renzo Nucara, Marco Veronese, Alex Angi, Carlo Rizzetti, Kicco, William Sweetlove) supported by the Ministry for Arts and Culture, the Ministry of the Environment and by Milan Culture Council Department.

The Milan installation (until January 20) is only the first leg of the snails’ long journey. In the next few years the snails will change color and travel worldwide: they are scheduled “to visit” the most famous capital cities and locations of the Planet to eventually come back to Milan in 2015.
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