Wednesday 11 November 2009

Tokyo Scanner : Flight View of Tokyo

This video is ripped from an experimental documentary (a promotional DVD for Roppongi Hills), directed by Mamoru Oshii, a Japanese filmmaker and writer famous for his philosophy-oriented storytelling. Oshii has stated his approach to directing is in direct contrast to what he perceives to be the Hollywood formula, i.e. he regards the visuals as the most important aspect.

Tokyo Scanner has been described by a forum commentator as:

"Basically it is a fly over view of several areas in and around Tokyo. It is shot with a very high-tech gyro stabilizing zoom lens that allows for a small area, perhaps 20M x 20M, to be zoomed in on from a great height but the image is still rock steady. At various times the image is overlaid with some graphics that suggest a targeting device, some text, and accompanied by audio that is supposedly from the scene." Source.
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