Friday 13 November 2009

The amphibious WaterCar Python

is promoted as the worlds fastest amphibious vehicle, driving on land and boating in water.

Dave March, founder of WaterCar, Inc., has been building cars & boats since 1976 and by 1990 realized that car and boat manufacturers were "were using lightweight high-performance automotive-type engines.  while Car manufacturers were  incorporating light-weight marine-type composite and alloy bodies and chassis." These coincidences crystallized into Dave's invention of the WaterCar.

There are two distinct versions of this vehicle, The Python which is factory produced complete build with your preferences in engines and body. The Gator (or Amphigator) is the almost pure engineered invention, consisting of the Gator Body and the Patented WaterCar Transmission, all other parts can be gathered from a Volkswagen donor car or bought right off the shelf from other sources.

The video here convincingly demonstrates the speed and agility of a Corvette powered oil burning gas guzzler and judging by its entry/exit at the waters edge highlights the need for leveled underwater surfaces, thus restricting its use to landscaped bay estuaries.

Since its up to the owner to choose their own motor, it may be possible to use an electric engine, such that  Plasma Boy employs in his White Zombie: Electric Vehicle Dragster ?

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