Tuesday 13 October 2009

HEPAV : amphibian velomobile

 HEPAV is a recumbent Human Powered Electric Amphibious Vehicle with electric assist linear pedaling and was invented as a one off by David Buchwaldek from the Czech Republic

Unlike most velomobiles, the HEPAV has hydraulic steering, is enclosed for aerodynamic advantage and protection from weather and collisions. In the video we see the HEPAV velomobile drive into the water, but appears to experience difficulties returning to land, and is likely a feature that needs to be improved since David  "envisions the HEPAV being used as a sustainable personal transport for residents of close-together islands -- even as a method of crossing the English Channel." (from Treehugger)

Unfortunately, it’s very expensive and labor-intensive to build that mass-production doesn't appear to be likely without a serious investor. Nevertheless we can view more pictures of the HEPAV  from the building process to the completed model on David's website, or view many more recumbent bicycles here, and/or read the Wired article.
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