Thursday 8 October 2009

The Chameleon Guitar

"so named for its ability to mimic different instruments -- is an electric guitar whose body has a separate central section that is removable. This inserted section, the soundboard, can be switched with one made of a different kind of wood, or with a different structural support system, or with one made of a different material altogether. Then, the sound generated by the electronic pickups on that board can be manipulated by a computer to produce the effect of a different size or shape of the resonating chamber."

This guitar is from out there land and may one day leave the engineering studio as a fully purchasable product, not at least for another 4 or 5 years. Nevertheless it may be worth understanding the difference between The Chameleon and the Roland Virtual Guitar.

According to blogger Ed Driscoll, The Roland VG is a guitar synth that imitates only electronic sounds which requires a certain kind of pickup permanently installed on the guitar, jacked into externally boxed processor modules..

The Chameleon is elegant and reliant on a physical shape inserted into the body, an interactive surgical duty by the player, with sound emitting electro-acoustically from the inserted panel of the guitar. According to its inventors The Chameleon will likely one day also have an on-board computer, making it a self contained instrument with a repertoire of replaceable "soundboards" - birthing a physical heart, virtual body guitar.
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