Sunday 18 October 2009

Airpod a car fuelled by Air

Airpod is a car that runs 200 miles on compressed air. The video here shows the engineer inventors, revealing the unique value of a pollutant free green transport system.

The Airpod seems to be, at first appearance, in this video, of the production model, a 3 wheeled buggy or half a car, but it actually runs on four wheels the two at the front are very close together.

Everything about this Carbon neutral automobile is unusual. Steering is done with a joystick, and the only doors open to the front and back. The two passenger seats are rear-facing and can be replaced with a cargo space. Drivers recharge their air supply in eight hours by plugging the car into electricity outlets, or by going to special 'air stations' where the process takes only 2 minutes.

Read more about the amazing engineering of the Airpod, here.
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