Tuesday 18 August 2009

Livescribe: The Pen is Still Mightier than the sword !

First came the personal computer now arrives the pen-audio computer, from Livescribe, reminiscent of Apple's PDA the clever realization these people made, was that, the pen is mightier than the sword.

The Pulse Smartpen allows you to write or draw on specially designed paper and transfer those scribblings into a computer as image files, then the words in those files can be converted into text, with software.

Livescribe's device is an excellant accessory for taking notes at lectures and meetings, since it is also a digital audio recorder. On top of this, it links sound and scribbling together in real time. You can tap on a word in a note and what was being said at the moment will be played through the pen. On the desktop, you can click on a word for a similar effect.

Here, Chris Brogan provides a quick tour of the pens use and functionality. Here's an eyeview review of the software for the Pulse called "MyScript for Livescribe", be sure to check out the video of Steve Wozniak releasing the product in San Fransisco at Axiotron. The Livescribe comes in two models; a 1GB ($150US) and a 2GB ($200US).

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