Saturday 29 August 2009

Eco Friendly Underwater Motorbikes

In 1994 a former car worker Andrew Sneath unveiled the world's first underwater motorbike he named Bob which works on the "displacement theory" as in when one submerges an upturned glass into a bowl of water, a pocket of air is trapped in the glass, except that in the the case of Bob, fresh air is constantly circulated into the bubble and a motor thruster is used to move you around. Read more about Bob here.

Since then he has created a number of innovative and groundbreaking inventions such as Roboshark and Rocket 4 UCV (Underwater Camera Vehicle) both of which were commissioned by the BBC for natural history programme making

He is currently working on the building of the worlds largest immersive entertainment facility - the Hydrodome which

" is a unique leisure, training and conference facility. Themed around a futuristic interpretation of the underwater world, the Hydrodome will be fully equipped with submersibles, diving equipment and teaching facilities to offer private and corporate clients alike the opportunity to learn about – and enjoy – water sports in a temperate, controlled and fascinating environment."
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