Wednesday 15 July 2009

Seabreacher: the bionic dolphin submersible fun boat

The Seabreacher design figuratively resembles a real dolphin and it works in a similar way to a real dolphin charging and diving in and out of the water just like a real one.

"The Seabreacher J is the latest offering by Innespace, designed exclusively for the recreational boating market. This new vessel incorporates a jet drive for increased safety and better surface performance. The J model is approved for recreational use by the US Coastguard and is able to be registered as a conventional powerboat in most countries. It is powered by a Rotax engine which is available in 155hp or 215hp supercharged variants."

The boat features a jet drive, which can dive to 6 feet for short periods, do 20mph underwater and is unsinkable. And they come in multi colors. But you'd definitely have to keep your eye on keeping it in open and deepish water since it traversers the water at up to 40mph. The downside is that you'd have to be prepared to part with 50k if you want one.
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