Thursday 18 June 2009

Paper Computing by Leah Buechley

"The sensors in this video are skin-conductance sensors painted directly onto the page. They are resistive sensors that are measuring the resistance between 2 conductive plates/areas of paint. When you put your hand on a sensor, the sensor measures the resistance of your body. This value changes as you change the amount of skin touching the sensor, pressure, etc."

Leah is a well-known expert in the field of electronic textiles (e-textiles), and her work in this area includes developing a method for creating cloth printed circuit boards (fabric PCBs) and designing the commercially available LilyPad Arduino toolkit.

In this next video, Simon Young speaks with Dr Leah Buechley, keynote speaker at Co-Lab’s recent Creating Technologies Conference, about the blending of technology and fashion, empowering girls to work in tech, and the reinvention of manufacturing.
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