Monday 1 June 2009

The LCDetar : : A Video Guitar

With major advancements in modeling software and blazing fast digital audio conversion, Ben Lewry realized his vision and produced in 3 months at a cost of about $5000, a Video Guitar.

"The "LCDetar" was born with the urge to place an entire laptop inside a guitar. This is the first guitar to use an embedded LCD monitor which is capable of generating it's own interactive visuals in high resolution. It is also loaded with onboard audio processing having a huge internal library of virtual effects, amps, speaker cabinets, and sampling software. A total of eighteen different midi functions are available through the 13 controls on top along with a remote expression pedal. At the touch of a button, this guitar can be reconfigured a thousand different ways."

Each guitar is a custom job, but you can contact Ben Lewry at Visionary Instruments for more information. Nevertheless see it in action, here.


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