Monday 25 May 2009

Towards Artificial Robotic Consciousness or Engineering Recognition of self

Dr. Takeno at Meiji University is researching Artificial consciousness and has built a robot that can recognize itself in a mirror nearly 100% of the time which he intends to use as the basis for the development of artificial limbs.

"We are making a recognition system in the robot so when the robot looks in the mirror it can recognize itself and the other robot and then checks to see if the other robot does the same movement as itself."

In the first experiment, different color LEDs are attached to the robots sensors to indicate when it sees itself and follows it own movements, sees a different robot moving around and when it sees a different robot while at the same time doing the same actions as the other robot. Here in this video the blue light means recognition that the test robot is seeing itself.

"My area of interest lies in the treatment method of patients who have lost consciousness due to disease or accidents. The model I made might be able to help locate where in the brain the damage occurs and how to stimulate those areas and possibly revive the patient."
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