Tuesday 24 February 2009

Art and Artifical Life, Vida 11.0 Exhibition

is an international showcase of the conversation between art, science, technology and society. The image to the right is of Hylozoic Soil by Philip Beesley & Rob Gorbet

"Hylozoic Soil takes its cue from Hylozoism, the philosophical view that all or some material things possess life. It takes the shape of an artificial environment that seems to be made of the same substance as jellyfish, breathing like one, wrapping itself around you and exhibiting complex behaviour as you walk through it."

Here is a short video of most of the pieces in the exhibition. The videographer Ruairi Glynn from Interactive Architecture, was exhibiting his piece Performative Ecologies. Among the other participants in the exhibition were, Chico MacMurtie, Jed Berk, Chris Sugrue, Damian Stewart.
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