Wednesday 17 December 2008

“Por las ramas” (For the branches)

is a study which shows how human beings imitating nature are also capable of creating personal sanctuary.

Nacho Carbonell who created this environmental installation says that

".....its a project that shows the analysis of how things are made.In this case inspired in the technique of wrapping I create a space in nature, where one can feel protected as in a foetus, The perception of home is strongly linked to the material. Making our own cocoon we transfer our emotions and needs, into our shelter. ....... I want to expose concepts as: public and private or natural and artificial, .........For the construction of these cocoons I used bioplastics (used in agriculture, that disintegrate after one season)."

The songstress and her song coddles your emotion in the right direction as you watch the engaging time lapse video !

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