Saturday 6 December 2008

Music section of the Maker Faire Austin Texas 2008

The musical inventions shed included live bands who were intermittently dispersed within this modest video documentary.

First up is the pipe organ that barks, next a bicycle driven electric guitar wind mill chimer then a very short experience of Cranky & Plucky.

John Folaron demonstrates his Airheads air drums invention an instrument that is played in "virtual air". Now available in purchasable kit form it uses sensors with drum samples and synthesizers. The sensors not only trigger sounds but also sense velocity.

Next up a room size tesla coil appears to be powering a robotic linear drum kit !

But the instrument that swoons my imagination is the Theremin guitar synth, as the inventor explains it uses Sonar senses where your hand hovers over the bridge area and pitch rises and falls whenever your hand is near or far from it. The sound this puts out is very reminiscent of some Frank Zappa tunes.

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