Wednesday 22 October 2008

Kakapo: 92 of the World's largest and flightless parrot still breathing ?

The Earth is in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of both plants and animals, with nearly 50 percent of all species disappearing, scientists say.

Among the 11% of the world's endangered species from New Zealand the Kapoto or flightless parrot is teetering on the edge of extinction.

Nevertheless scientists are deciphering the mating behaviours of this bush floor bird and discovering that not only the scent of the male is a mating definition for the female but also the colors of the feathers helps a female decide on a possible conjugation, not discounting the overwhelming boomboom boomings throughout the evening.

Among concerned citizens who are trying to help the Kapoto, scientists say wildlife corridors are urgently needed wherever possible all over the world .

And in the case of the big picture imminent animal and plant species extinction biologists at UC Santa Barbara are working day and night to determine which species must be saved.

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