Thursday 16 October 2008

Helix Wind Tests its Vertical axis wind turbine

The Savonius turbine that Helix wind is testing here, is a design that catches wind from all directions, is self-starting, nearly silent and does not need over speed control. Mounted up to 35 feet high, in winds as low as 10 mph the Helix system creates electricity to power your home or business. The Helix windmill is quiet, solid, and easy to place in urban areas, and is also aesthetically attractive.

"Wind. The planet breathes, and life is carried on its breath. Simple. Natural. Renewable. Free. Helix Wind is an elegant solution for home and small business owners. Powerful enough to supply your needs yet harmonious with the environment, the strength of the wind is captured by our unique and highly efficient vertical blade design. Sustainable. Affordable. Intelligent. Working with the environment, not against it."

The cylindrical shape allows the Helix to be placed where less space is available thus making them well suited for urban areas. Vertical turbines generally appear more solid, which makes them less of a hazard to birds and bats.

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