Saturday 25 October 2008

Coffee and Milk fractalize in the mix

Next time you stare into your 9am double tall latte, look with new respect

Mary Magsamen and Stephan Hillerbrand make minimalist videos of elements of our everyday existence in their collaborative works;
Coffee & Milk is an experimental video that explores communication and sexuality through the metaphor of everyday items, coffee, milk and children’s music. In Coffee & Milk our lives are transformed into something cinematic and larger than life. Images of blowing milk into coffee and blowing coffee into milk are given an unexpected point of view because the camera is placed underneath us. They could be satellite images of hurricane weather patterns or microscope images.

In cohabitation Michiko Shimokawa and Shonosuke Ohta from Kyushu University in Japan have discovered a new type of fractal in the patterns coffee makes as mixes with milk

Placing a heavier fluid onto a lighter fluid always results in an disturbance at their boundary known as a Rayleigh–Taylor instability.
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