Tuesday 12 August 2008

VisionAire: Making interactive virtual presentations possible

Obscura Digital has released a video of a new technology referred to as a a multi-touch hologram. They call it VisionAire and its a new way to allow a presenter to interface with visual data. By using a mixture of multi touch software and the Musion Eyeliner Hologram Effect a user drags a number of virtual images in mid air, using multi touch technology, and throws them around while also having the option to zoom in and out of the images by using hand gestures while effectively grabbing the floating image.

According to the company:

Musion Eyeliner uses a specially developed foil that reflects images from high definition video projectors, making it possible to produce virtual images of variable sizes and incredible clarity, using industry standard software. Infinitely configurable, the virtual picture appears within a stage set, while the position of the projection is invisible to the audience.

This video shows a man interacting with holographic images projected before him, moving them around and resizing them much as you would on the iPhone or Microsoft's Surface except that all the images are projected in the air.

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