Wednesday 6 August 2008

A Tour of Clayton Bailey's Robot Art Compound

Clayton Bailey has made approximately 100 life-size robot sculptures of found objects since 1976. His interest in robots was inspired by the armoury of the fifteenth century, (Video).

He searches the local flea markets and scrap metal yards for discarded home appliances, cookware, bicycle and automobile parts. He carefully grafts the parts together into new forms; reincarnating them as robot sculptures. His family of robot sculptures range from the humanoid to the pet dog or exotic bird or insect. They don't walk around and break your china and endanger your art collection. They are static; they stand still and blink their lights.

I'm particularly baffled by how the fire powered radio telescope (similar to one that Leornado da Vinci owned) creates the illusion of being able to see thru your hand. Check out what Clayton is working on today.
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