Sunday 27 July 2008

OpenPhotoVR: DIY Panoramas

OpenPhotoVR is a pseudo-3D photo browser in Flash,which allows you to assemble a series of photos, all of the same locations or subject matter, but taken at different angles and perspectives - like an explorable 3D album.

Try the photo to the right for example. Use your mousewheel to zoom in, click and drag to pan about, and simply click on any of the hotspots to change your view or move deeper into the scene.

Moving around: mousewheel to zoom, click-and-drag to pan, click "hotspots" with hand cursor to navigate between images.

Adding and editing: new albums are built in the editing interface, which is open to everyone, there's no protection or registration at the moment. If you want your album to be featured in the left pane at the site.
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