Saturday 21 June 2008

Peter Murphy's Panorama of Apple store opening in George St Sydney

The Apple store in George St Sydney officially opened on thursday evening and is the first to open in the southern hemisphere. The store's transparent architectural facade adds depth to the street-scape as per;

A set of schematic drawings compiled by Apple's architectural partner, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, depict a wide but shallow retail mecca totaling some 15,000 square feet -- about 5,000 square feet per floor. A trademark glass staircase appears to run lengthwise across the right rear.

Of the three floors, the street level floor mainly has the laptops, the first floor is predominately the iProduct line of iMac, iPod, iTouch and on July 11 the iPhone. Meanwhile, the top floor will be reserved specifically for customer service and include a sprawling genius bar made of wood dedicated to sorting out hardware and software problems and glitches

Peter now also has Flash versions of his panoramas but requires macs to use the command key to zoom out, whereas the Quicktime version here use the control key to zoom out.

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