Monday 9 June 2008

Blue Hole Dahab 3D computer graphics

Blue Hole dive site at Dahab in the Red Sea

Nicknamed the "Divers' Cemetery," with more than 70 fatalities, Dahab's Blue Hole is basically a coral lagoon which opens to the Red Sea through a tunnel known as "the Arch." The roof of the Arch lies at a depth of 52 m (170 ft). The featureless depths beyond the Arch render the tunnel to the open sea appear shorter than it really is; in addition, a shoreward current causes the 26 m (85 ft) swim through the tunnel longer than its physical distance suggest it to be. The base of the Arch rests at 120 m (393 ft), after which it plunges to 1000+ m (3280+ ft) beyond. Scores of divers have fallen victim to its deceptive nature. The bottom of the Blue Hole is littered with scuba equipment and the bodies of their former owners; the cliffs around the bay bear their epitaphs.

Here is a more detailed appreciation for divers who are contemplating a dive into the the abyss of the Blue Hole Dahab.
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