Friday 11 April 2008

RedZee: New Search Engine, Complete With Animated Logo

RedZee may not load search results as quickly as Google, but it does let you preview a web site before you click through. When you search for something, you’ll see that a collection of Web page screenshots are available for you to scroll through to the left and to the right. And after you've clicked something a small page clip search box appears on top of the page you arrive at offering more possibilities. That comes in handy, because you can easily open multiple pages and flip back and forth between tabs, all within a single web browser tab.

RedZee says; Conventional search engines use text as the main focus of their results, only bringing back 10 results per page. Almost 85% of searchers settle on what they find on that first page, often leaving them unsuccessful in finding what they truly were looking for. Although the desired results are more than likely buried deep, most people do not have the time or the patience to read through page after page of text based listings. They end up settling on the results that seem the closest and most convenient. With RedZee 2.0 you have a choice of up to 100 results which you can zip through lightning fast! The Web sites are the results instead of plain ordinary text, allowing you to sift through massive data quickly. Search 2.0 will take your search deeper where the best results are. No more settling!

Nevertheless a good search engine for those that are not so experienced, or for those who want to try something different

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