Friday 11 January 2008

Hyper-sub: Worlds First Submersible Powerboat

The Hyper-sub is capable of high speed surface travel over long distances. The video, however moreso shows it submersing and surfacing, accompanied by some action guitar playing.

.... the Hyper-SubTM Submersible Powerboat, a revolutionary new vessel with a design flexible enough to open the seas to industry, individuals, and the military in ways never before thought possible. The Hyper-Sub is the first small craft built with the horsepower, sea-keeping, and range to allow operation on the high seas, which also functions as a self-charging, autonomous, one-atmosphere submarine.

The Hyper-Sub is a dual function surface boat and submarine. It holds 4 people, travels at 40 knots on top, has a range of 500 miles and can dive to 250 feet.

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