Friday 30 November 2007

Product Displacements: Alessandro Nassiri Tabibzadeh

Young Italian artist Alessandro Nassiri brings together the tradition of performance art with the practices of relational aesthetics to stage actions, carried-out by himself or
other individuals, that disrupt the
conventions of everyday life.

The image to the right greatly intrigues

Is it a large piece of sandstone ?

or Is a concrete remnant ?

Is it a ruin ?

Like a remnant from a Roman aquaduct ?

the image is from
TR4480C, 2006-7 an odyssey of the 21st century

When we buy a new model, we throw away the old one. Often our used things are sold in other countries. Gods have more right to move than any human beings. Old buses from italian cities are now used in Tirana, Albania. The motorcycle of the italian police in the 80's
is now the albanian police's.

Where do all these goods remain at the end of their life?

In Tirana we bought an old Volkswagen Golf from 1978, and we drove it back to Italy, where it used to be since 1994.
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