Saturday 3 November 2007

Capture Your Own Parts Of The Astro Sky From Your Backyard

Michael A Mayda took this image of Three Nebulae in Narrow Band two of them; colorful M8, above and right of center, and compact M20 at the left. The third, NGC 6559, is at bottom right. Over a hundred light-years across, M8 is also known as the Lagoon Nebula. Divided by obscuring dust lanes, M20's popular moniker is the Trifid.

Thanks to the wonderful equipment and software that is now available, it is possible to capture beautiful images and do "real" science from locations that "the pros" would never consider using (but where most of us live). Narrow band imaging filters, especially those manufactured by my good friend Don Goldman, make imaging from urban, light-polluted skies possible. We look up from the city at skies that are seemingly featureless, except for the Moon, a few stars and the occasional planet. But look deeper, with silicon eyes, and there is much wonder to behold. I created this site to share that wonder along with stories about the equipment and techniques that make such images possible.

So I wonder, is video capture using these narrowband imaging filters possible ?
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