Wednesday 21 November 2007

The BA609: The Worlds First Civilian Tiltrotor

The BA609 Tiltrotor combines the speed, altitude, and comfort of a turboprop with the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a helicopter. Having cruising capabilities of 25,000 ft., this versatile aircraft will fly in icing conditions and extreme climates, from Arctic to desert. With seating up to nine passengers and at twice the speed of typical helicopters of comparable capacity, the BA609 is designed to be the best multi-mission aircraft for the task. An executive could conceivably take off from the helipad of a country house outside London, fly in comfort to a meeting in Frankfurt in just 60 minutes, then fly on to Zurich, Milan and back home for early dinner. All with a minimum of ground transportation requirements.

Itinerent transitory mobile conveniancy has just been turned up a notch with this vehicle, I wonder whether they'll get around to developing for a solo pilot and or upscale it to a freighter. check out the Gallery, also this website, demonstrates how MATLAB was used to design and simulate the Tiltrotor's control systems

The Video link page has among the 4 different file media types 2 video's and 2 QTVR's

The image above on the right is a screen shot taken from a spherical view of the cockpit but what is that strange piece of furniture ?

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