Thursday 25 October 2007

Gimmick On Web Site Bound To Influence Mimickers

Digital World Tokyo a Japanese Gadget & Technology site that I occasionally peruse for new Technology trends has employed an innovative unique feature on their website. After you have right clicked this link just watch the page in the right hand corner and you'll notice an ever so slightly curling corner showing a dark eye. Now put your mouse on the eye and slide your mouse away from the right hand corner at a 45 degrees towards the lower left. Effectively we are appearing to peel the page over. The page below may or may not appeal to your interest, nevertheless this gimmick is bound to be mimicked many many times more by other web site developers. Perhaps web site constructors may eventually apply this function to whole pages. Perhaps this novel action is not new, you therefore may like to reveal other sites to me in the comments to this post ?
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