Thursday 6 September 2007

Spaceport Construction to Begin 2008

The construction of the worlds first commercial Spaceport begins in 2008 since the owners of Virgin Galactic have made a final decision on the 100,000 square feet design.

Huh ? Spaceport ? I think perhaps the naming of Spaceport is moreso a marketing ploy
for instance, when we contextualise the naming of things we seem to move the real meaning of a word to something outside it; Airport is really a Terraport or Scapeport but Airport was chosen because Aircraft used it. But what will we do when Cars begin to use a similar facility, will that be a Carport ?
Terraspace Airspace Strataspace Outerspace
Terraport Airport Strataport Spaceport
interesting to observe how human naming employs a shift in meaning away from the object perhaps this is why we find driftwood so appealing !
Well shifting right along now the facility will cost a meagre $31 million, which the company will quickly recoup, no doubt. The SpaceShipTwo and its carrier craft, White Knight Two, will be completed in 2008 as well.

Is it possible that society uses Science Fiction to tell the real scientists what to focus on.

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