Sunday 2 September 2007

Dean Kamen Invents Prosthetic Arm

The wars in Iraq and Afganistan have generated over 30,000 casualties (not to mention the estimated 70,000+ Iraqi deaths. This has created a booming market for prosthetics of all types.

Inventor Dean Kamen previews the extraordinary prosthetic arm he's developing at the request of the Department of Defense, to help the 1,600 "kids" who've come back from Iraq without an arm (and the two dozen who've lost both arms). Kamen's commitment to using technology to solve problems, and his respect for the human spirit, have never been more clear than in this deeply moving clip.

Its important to note that advances in prosthetics that draw on robotics and artificial intelligence technologies result in the creation of Neural Interfaces that allow a person's brain to move bionic limbs. This gives rise to many individuals becoming cyborgs.

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