Wednesday 1 August 2007

Seen Any of These Greenliners Lately ?

Probably not because European engineers working on the passenger plane of the future are reaching back into Canada's aviation history and focusing on an aircraft reminiscent of a flying saucer-style design tested in the 1950s by a Toronto-area firm.

The engineers working on this green flying saucer concept are focusing on remaking the notion of an aircraft,
I want to get rid of the image of a cylindrical body with wings, said Etnel Straatsma of Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

Straatsma heads the recently-formed CleanEra project, which aims to design an ultra-eco-friendly plane that releases 50 percent less carbon dioxide per passenger-mile than current airliners. The project's "greenliner"—depicted in design illustrations as a flying saucer—would also reduce other pollutants and noise, in line with recommendations from the European Aerospace Commission, ACARE.

Nevertheless if your interested in sightings of other flying records or you may even want to check out the underground ufo bases near the Indian Chinese border, then click.
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