Wednesday 15 August 2007

New 3D TV Using A Ribbed Lens

Phillips are road testing a new type of 3D viewable TV at selected Airports and Hotel Lobbies to try to garner interest in watching or experiencing this new TV format. Phillips have created the illusion of 3D TV by developing a ribbed overlay frontspiece stuck to the front of the screen that sends different images to each eye, giving the impression of depth.It copies the process of 3D images on postcards that change when you tilt them - creating what scientists call a 'viewing cone' made up of several images of the same scene but from a slightly different angle.To ensure the 3D image remains when a TV viewer moves, the screen sends out nine images of the same scene.The viewer needs to pick up only two of the nine - one per eye - to give the impression of 3D depth.

All I can possibly imagine what might actually be showing on this set is probably a few demo loops. But this story appears to be contain no revelation of how or even what kind of capture technology is deployed in the making of the stuff thats viewed on these sets ? Alternatively I can't imagine that the ribbed lens they use is merely stuck on top of an ordinary TV set ?
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